"Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing." Ricki Lake

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Enormous pressure is put on parents as we try to make up for what entire communities used to provide. "Villages" are designed to help equip mothers to deal with the stressors and challenges that come with parenthood. We have created a place where mothers facing similar issues can come together, share experiences, and develop relationships that will make them feel less isolated, more able to cope, and reach their goals.

We're here to connect moms to other moms; to encourage them to lean on this network of mothers for support, inspiration, and offer the same to others.

Dads Take Tampa Bay - March 4, 2017

JTEP is excited to announce our first big event for Dads and their families (this includes moms)!  Dads Take Tampa Bay is 100 fathers and their families for a day of fun, competition, food, prizes, and most importantly, encouragement.  Invite the Dads in your life to join us (location TBA) from 9am to 3pm for what promises to be an epic day!

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