What do we do at JTEP?

Parents On Fleek

Families supporting families while creating unique bonds and a sense of community.  From pregnancy to childhood and every stage in-between, find the support you need from parents who've been there too. Every family can benefit from having other parents in their corner, encouraging their journey as we all raise the next generation.

Panda Diaper Project

​Addressing diaper need in our community for babies under 3 years old and senior citizens. We serve of those in-need, military and veteran families, families of first responders, and senior citizens in-need.  We will also give necessary baby items to the families we serve.

His Hands Project

​Just think of us as fairy godmothers with a feather duster instead of a wand! Every 3 months, we will be choosing seniors, those recovering from surgery, and families dealing with debilitating diseases who are in need of help with cleaning their homes. Additionally, we provide lawn care and home repair services. Please let us know if you'd like to be a volunteer for this project. 

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