Lactation Counseling

You deserve the very best experience. I truly believe that every family's breastfeeding journey is unique and requires specialized care to flourish.


From Birth to Babyhood and Beyond

You can have the support you deserve and the experience you trust.

Need Help Now?

Baby Breastfeeding


Virtual Lactation Support

Personalized support at your fingertips.

Initial Phone, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger platforms available.

Minimum of 1-hour session.

Prenatal Lactation Education

Comprehensive training for the whole family. 

This virtual-based class gives the quick ins-and-outs of what you need to know to be prepared for breastfeeding a new baby. Both parents are encouraged to join. 


In-home Lactation Support

Help comes to you in the comfort of your own home.

Address your concerns, assist with latching, scheduling, and even helping Mom's support persons learn the best ways to help make breastfeeding and new motherhood easier.

Minimum of a 90-minute session.


Back-to-Work Strategize & Support

Ease your transition back-to-work with a solid plan to help you succeed and feed.

Up to 90-minute strategy-session to customize a back-to-work plan that considers your particular workplace and schedule, as well as feeding information for infant caregivers while you're at work.

Includes a 30-minute follow-up call.


Phone Consultation

For quick maintenance or desperate support concerns.

Up to 60-minute phone session to answer your burning questions or necessary support during a moment of desperation. This can also help you decide what lactation support option will be best for you.

This rate is for a 30-minute call.



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