24M March for Dads

We are marching in all 50 states to raise awareness to and change the epidemic of 24 million fatherless households in America; one father and one family at a time.

Get ready to join SuperDad, the SuperFamily, and all of our Florida families as we march, starting in Tampa first.  Our marching and efforts across America will raise capital to fund father-enrichment programs all over the country.

Tampa, FL - 03/24/20

Don't Miss out! #FOmo



A Celebration of Black Breastfeeding

8/25/2018 - Tampa, FL

When only 58.9% of Black mothers have ever breastfed,

When Black babies are dying at twice the rate of White babies,

When increased breastfeeding among Black women can decrease infant mortality by 50%...


We need to act as a community. Join us to educate, raise awareness, grow, learn and celebrate

Black Breastfeeding together.


You had to be there

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